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Homeowners and Landlords

Bespoke Housing Solutions LLC eliminates the challenges of finding reputable tenants and dealing with vacancies as a landlord. Serving as the perfect tenant, we sign the lease and manage your properties at no additional cost to you, so you can enjoy peace of mind and truly passive income with rent collected on time every month.

Why partner with us?

To ensure a great partnership, we provide the following services at no extra cost to you: 

How Our Partnerships Work


Contact us

Contact us to discover more and determine if your property meets the qualifications for a partnership. We are eager to connect with you, have a conversation, and address any questions you might have.


Sign a lease with us

Enter into a lease agreement with Bespoke Housing Solutions, and we will handle all the necessary tasks to guarantee that your property receives the utmost attention and care it deserves.


Relax and enjoy your passive rental income

We are dedicated to maintaining open communication that will provide you with peace of mind while you enjoy life with truly passive income.

We would love to partner with you

Contact us to get connected to one of our team members.

Buying an apartment
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