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Agents and Brokers

Homeowners will no longer have to deal with the headache that can often come with being a landlord, as our company will handle any minor issues or questions that may arise. The ideal tenants that will be occupying the homeowner's property will be staying for an extended period of time and therefore will clean and care for the space. Our company will also make sure to have the property professionally cleaned throughout the year, keeping their property in ready to sell condition. 

Why partner with us?

Our company offers several advantages to homeowners. One being a more stable rental income due to high quality tenants. Our company attracts people who are professional and responsible with a steady income which results in less turnover of tenants. Some of the benefits of partnering with us include:

✓ ​Monthly Payment Guaranteed

✓ Set up and management for all utilities including Wi-Fi

✓ Appropriate furnishings selected for our reputable clientele

✓ Professional cleaning on a regular basis throughout the duration of the contract

✓ General maintenance of your home at no additional cost to you as the owner

✓ Exceptional care of your home without disturbing you

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